ARX Perimeter Security Solutions

Our systems are used at events such as G20 Summits and music festivals, military deployments as well as critical utility infrastructure protection.

Our Approach

ARX specializes in offering physical barriers of multiple types. Each barrier is effective on its own. When used in concert with additional products in the ARX Perimeter line of products, you can achieve a multi layered, redundant system that provides a safe environment for your people, places and things. Prevention of VAAW (Vehicle As A Weapon) attacks is a very real concern in today’s environment. Our Multi-disciplinary approach to each project whether it be temporary or permanent, includes evaluation, design, bespoke/custom manufacturing, installation and maintenance all resulting in robust physical security measures to protect people and infrastructure from both deliberate and accidental incidents.

Our Story

At ARX Perimeters, we started with a solution based idea to fill a need that had not yet been recognized: perimeter protection and HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) products offering High Security protection for people and infrastructure, that are available for rental and purchase. We wanted to be unique from the beginning and offer a complete line of High Security Rental Systems that include all layers of protection. Our adaptable intuitive designs and products represent a philosophy of interchangeable components and simple elegant design.  We have thoughtfully designed every component of our ARX Fence system and all other products for strength, utility and simplicity. We carry a similar philosophy into our customer service and to our dealings with clients, in that we are mindful and thoughtful to their particular needs. We tailor our approach to each client. 

Our History

We have launched and built several companies that have become industry leaders in their fields. With a proven track record of success in different industries, including Event & Equipment Rental, Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, and Pooled Asset Model businesses, our experience and passion to be the best is something we have earned through collective experiences . Given the history and earned knowledge from each company, we know how to how to make things happen for our clients. Taking our experience from industries we have participated in, we have a true hunger to be the best at what we do.  With that all being said, our promise to our clients is that we will provide  “Whatever, Whenever and Wherever” they need.