S & P 500 Companies Trust ARX Perimeters


12' Tall surface mount ARX Fence System in action. Helping protect a leading international electronics manufacturer & retailer location. ARX was contacted, mobilized & deployed rapidly to provide a more secure and more attractive alternative to boarding up with plywood. Contact us to see how we can help protect your people, place & things in these unprecedented times.

Apple Downtown Chicago



Carnegie Library

ARX Fence System helping protect a historic building & retail store in Washington, DC. 8' Tall, anti-scale, surface mount, rapid deployment & recovery. The neutral color of the fence makes it virtually transparent from a short distance. Available nationwide for rental with rapid response times.


Security Fence Deployment

Another trailer load of ARX High-Security Fence headed out for deployment. Let us explain the advantages of the ARX Fence system and why it is so much more than an 8' anti-scale fence. A 12' tall 135 MPH wind rating engineered version is available along with a plethora of accessories that allow you to scale up to meet almost any type of threat. Our patent-pending system was 2 years in the making and is the most robust temporary fence in the market.

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