Frequently Asked Questions

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We have a large inventory and can ship out product as soon as the the obligatory paperwork and payment arrangements have been completed. So, we encourage clients to have advance arrangements in place so there are no delays to processing critical immediate needs.

Yes. Our engineering department can provide Solid Works CAD drawings specifically for your unique project. Once approved we can quickly produce your project.

ARX Fence can be deployed on most any surface from sand/dirt/grass to concrete/asphalt. The base has a 4' anti tunneling screen to compensate for a soft substrate. Barriers, due to their weight should be deployed on compacted gravel, asphalt or concrete.

This depends on the height of the ARX Fence and substrate onto which it is being installed. Typically for 8' tall, no it does not require anchoring or ballasting. 12' tall typically requires anchoring, ballasting, and or support braces. Portable vehicle barriers typically do not, but for long term (1 month or longer) we recommend it.

We rent 8' & 12' tall ARX fence. There are also many accessories available:

  • Catwalks for elevated observation positions on fence perimeter
  • Intrusion detection systems with remote monitoring
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Razor wire
  • Vehicle as a weapon mitigation system
  • Man gates and vehicle gates
  • Guard towers
  • Turnstyles

Patent Pending © Wandering Vision LLC  2018

We carry 16' and 20' portable vehicle barriers from Delta Scientific.

Yes, We stock product in the USA and the UK/EU for deployment in different areas. We can ship and deploy anywhere worldwide.

We do sell both used and new equipment. Our large rental inventory allows us to have product available at anytime.

Our USA operations are based in suburban Chicago. Our UK/EU operations are based in the East Midlands region of the UK. We also strategically pre-position equipment in some areas to cut transit times and freight costs when & where appropriate.

ARX Fence is shipped on flatbed trailers to deployment area. Forklifts and additional support equipment is required for our teams to install. Portable vehicle barriers are also shipped via flatbed trailers. Barriers can be lifted off with a 15,000 lb forklift, a crane, or towed off the trailer onto a loading dock. Once off loaded, units can be towed into position for rapid deployment, most times within 15 minutes of being unloaded.

Yes. Our ARX Perimeter Fence System is protected by a Patent Application Pending in the US and other Foreign countries. Patent Pending © Wandering Vision LLC  2018.

We manufacture many products in our own USA & UK manufacturing facilities. We also partner with other USA and UK/EU suppliers to represent their products. We do not outsource any manufacturing Asia.

We accept: Cash, Check, Wire Transfer, and Government Purchase Orders.