Anti-scale fencing US Capitol

Approximately 60,000 feet of anti-scale fence installed to protect the capital in Washington D.C.

  • Jan 15, 2021

US Capital Protection During Election Week

“There are approximately more than 60,000 feet of anti-scale fence in D.C. alone this week,” Ben Shipper, owner of ARX Perimeters said in an interview.

ARX Perimeters has been responsible to secure the entire Capitol for the inauguration week. ARX has protected everything from the Capitol down to the Lincoln Memorial.

An elaborate anti-scale fence rental system has been installed. The temporary rental fence system is not your standard product. The ARX Fence System is the only true high-security temporary fence that can be 100% surface mount. The ARX modular design allows for ARX Fence to be built upon, to achieve your required level of security from basic to extreme. 

Enjoy the video below highlighting the anti-scale fencing system installed by ARX.

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