Active Vehicle Barrier Rental

Portable active vehicle barriers are an extremely flexible, formidable and rapidly deployable tool to protect your site.

These surface mount, self-contained active mobile vehicle barriers can be deployed in 15 minutes by towing into place and deploying without the use of any special equipment. All are crash rated to ASTM M40-P1. ARX has rental barriers strategically pre-positioned in 4 equipment depots across the US.

ARX Perimeters is able to quickly deploy equipment when and where it is needed. ARX rental vehicle barriers should be a part of your HVM strategy.

  • 12’ Clear Opening
  • 16’ Clear Opening
  • 20’ Clear Opening
Crash Rating M40 / K8 / PAS68
Clear Vehicle Opening: 16’ (4.9M)
Length: 20’ (6.1m)
Width: 5’ (1.5m) unit - 7.5’ (2.3m) on dolly wheels
Deployment Time: 18 minutes
Recovery Time: 15 Minutes


  • Solar Charging
  • Remote Opening & Closing
  • Access Control
Active Vehicle Barrier Rental Brochure

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