Guard Tower Rental

ARX Guard Tower System adds overwatch capabilities to a temporary site in a rapidly deployable and recoverable manner.

The ARX Guard Tower System is a unique modular design that allows for a surface mount elevated tower with 360 degrees of visibility. The “stackable” levels allow for ground-level install and height increases of 9’6” (2.9m) for each added level. The unit is wired with electric heat and air conditioning. Electrical outlets are spaced around the interior walls of the interior space LED lighting helps keep electrical consumption low.

Our unique system allows the tower to be deployed in a manner that requires no steel frame erecting or costly construction crews to install any similar and elevated guard tower. From start to finish in as little as 90 minutes you can fully deploy a ready to occupy 10’ tall guard tower on a prepared pad. We offer special units with ratings up to and including 7.62 x 39 rating. .50 Cal is also available on special order for rental. Units can be skid mounted or trailer mounted.

Available for weekly or monthly rental.



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