High Security Fence Rental

ARX takes temporary rental fence to an entirely new level of security.

ARX takes temporary rental fence to an entirely new level of security. The ARX Fence System is the only true high-security temporary fence that can be 100% surface mount. The ARX modular design allows for ARX Fence to be built upon, to achieve your required level of security from basic to extreme. Starting at 8’ (2.4m) tall with multiple options as listed below.

Specifications and options include:

  • 8’ or 12’ (2.4m or 3.6m) Tall
  • Galvanized for a clean rust-free appearance
  • 100% surface mount, maybe ballasted or anchored
  • Anti-scale & anti-cut 3-5-8 Security mesh face
  • Anti-Tunnel 4’ wide base
  • Wind rated engineered version to 130MPH available
  • 10’ or 20’ (3m or 6m) Vehicle Gates Pedestrian Gates 36” (.9m)
  • Turnstile gates, covered and uncovered with access control option
  • Sound absorption panels for construction sites


  • Razor wire / Barbed / Electric wire brackets
  • Spiked anti-jump fence topper
  • Conduit holders (2 – 2” (50mm)) for High and Low voltage wiring
  • Tamper-proof security bolts and high-security proprietary key bolts
  • Infill panels between sections
  • Catwalk for overwatch positions at 4’ or 8’ foot height
  • Liquid Attack Panels with viewing port
  • Ballistic protective panels rated up to 7.62mm x 150 Grain
  • Data Center Configurations
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
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