Mobile Gate Security Rental

A plug-and-play solution for locations that need a temporary gate with the safety & security qualities of a permanent gate.

The Mobile Gate is a surface mount 26’ (8m) sliding gate that can be deployed in as little as 15 minutes in most locations with no permanent installation procedures. This gate resides in a 40’ Conex container from which it extends & retracts. This unique product is a great option in substitution of a damaged gate or to provide a temporary gate at a construction site, food manufacturing plant, refinery, or special event.

In the event of a damaged permanent gate where perimeter security must be maintained for the continued operation of the facility, the Mobile gate is a fast-secure solution. In situations where a perimeter is subject to changes in location, such as mining or construction sites, Mobile Gate can be your answer to establishing and maintaining a secure perimeter.

Available for weekly and monthly rental.

Dimensions: 40 Ft x 8’ x 9’ Tall (12.2m x 2.4m x 2.7m)
Gate Size:  26’6” x  6’3” (8.1M x 1.9M) 6” (.15m) clearance to ground 
Weight: 9,268 Lb (4,204kg)
Voltage: 110V, 5 AMP, 60 HZ
Deployment Time: 60 Min.
Recovery Time: 40 Min.


  • Access Control Integration
  • Remote Opening & Closing
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