Rapid Defender Rental

A surface mount VSB that can be manually deployed and recovered.

Rapid Defender Temporary Vehicle Security Barrier

Rosehill Security Rapid Defender is a rapidly deployable VSB (Vehicle Security Barrier) constructed of recycle rubber. This system incorporates pedestrian and vehicle portals to allow multiple access points and can be manually installed. It is an excellent option as a man portable VSB.

Available for weekly or monthly rental.

Deployment Time: 9 Min / 40 Ft. (12m) *Based on 4 person experienced team
Recovery Time:  7 Min. / 40 Ft. (12m) * Based on 4 person experienced team
Height: 23.6 In. (600mm)
Width: 23.6 In. (600mm)
Weight: 108 Lb. (49kg)
Surface Requirements: None
  Pedestrian Portal Vehicle Portal
Opening 1240mm 3720mm
Weight 95.5kg 312kg
Connectivity 20mm Ø steel rods 20mm Ø steel rods


  • Pedestrian Portal
  • Vehicle Portal
Rosehill Impakt Defender Rental Brochure

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