Rapid Defender

Another surface mount VSB that can be quickly deployed and recovered manually. Pedestrian and Vehicle portals are useful options. Available for rental or purchase.

Rapid Defender Temporary Vehicle Security Barrier

The Rapid Defender Product is a mobile temporary VSB (Vehicle Security Barrier) designed to provide protection for crowds of people at events from VAAW (Vehicle As A Weapon) attacks. 

This unique modular system is constructed of interlocking robust rubber units. It can be quickly deployed without foundations and on most any surface, including un-even surfaces, in matter of minutes. Pedestrian and vehicle portals can be integrated to provide multiple access points.

No special tools or equipment are required for deployment or recovery as units can be manually placed without lifting equipment. The Rapid Defender product line provides a VSB (Vehicle Security Barrier) for temporary events. The Rapid Defender line is available for both rental or lease and purchase of new or used.

Product Benefits

  • A physical and visual security deterrent
  • Quick and easy to deploy, remove and relocate - minimising disruption
  • Lightweight design allows easy transportation and installation
  • Suitable for all types of sites - accommodating road cambers and uneven surfaces
  • No special tools or lifting equipment required
  • Integrated redeployable pedestrian and vehicle portals
  • Over 65% lighter than concrete solutions
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled rubber
  • Innovative modular design enabling integration with other HVM solutions
  • Optional covers for branding opportunities

Product Specifications

Deployment Time: 9 Min / 40 Ft. (12m) *Based on 4 person experienced team
Recovery Time:  7 Min. / 40 Ft. (12m) * Based on 4 person experienced team
Height: 23.6 In. (600mm)
Width: 23.6 In. (600mm)
Weight: 108 Lb. (49kg)
Surface Requirements: None
  Pedestrian Portal Vehicle Portal
Opening 1240mm 3720mm
Weight 95.5kg 312kg
Connectivity 20mm Ø steel rods 20mm Ø steel rods


  • Pedestrian Portal
  • Vehicle Portal