Construction & Industrial Sites

The theft of equipment and materials is an ever-increasing cost to work sites the world over. Our perimeter protection systems control access to your site and help mitigate potential losses. Rent our high-security fence or mobile vehicle barrier available nationwide. Fast deployment through our local depots.

Theft of equipment and materials is an ever-increasing cost to work sites the world over. Studies have estimated that in some sectors, construction theft can add 1-2% to the bottom line of the project cost. Not only do direct costs with losses of material and equipment affect profitability, but indirect costs due to schedule and work interruption can also be as costly, if not even more so. Construction sites due to their very nature house a large number of high-value assets such as construction materials, tools, and equipment that are generally left unattended for extended periods of time. These factors make them inviting targets for theft. Unlike many temporary fences that are largely a visual barrier, our high-security perimeter protection systems control access to your site and help mitigate potential losses. 

The “return” on the cost of our high-performance perimeter protection system will far outweigh the investment by reducing or eliminating theft, thus adding to the bottom line of your project. Our ARX Fence System is the highest security system available in the market today and only one of the available layers of security we can provide for your site.  

ARX Perimeter Fence System, USA & UK
Our patent-pending 8’ or 12’ tall ARX fence system is the most secure option in a temporary fence today. Numerous options to increase levels of security to your desired level of protection make it a great choice for securing the perimeter of your event site. The optional 130 mph wind rated version is the only temporary fence in the market to achieve that level of wind resistance. The construction “Flush Perimeter” post system with an anti-tunneling base is a suitable choice for most sites.

Vehicle Security Perimeter Barriers, with and without a fence
Impakt Defender, Rosehill Security, UK
This surface mount-static barrier offers vehicular protection similar to K-Rail for sites exposed to vehicular traffic. These 39” (1m) sections can be fitted with 8’ (2.4m) fence topping to provide human and vehicular protection. 

Mobile Gate Security, Denmark
The Mobile Gate Security 26’ (8m) gate is deployed from a 40’ container. It is a secure sliding gate to complete your perimeter and control access to the worksite. This system can be tied into our ARX fence system or an existing fence line quickly and easily. This sliding gate is both quickly deployed and quickly recovered, all while providing the security level of a permanent gate. 

Anti-Trespass Panels, Rosehill Security, UK
These panels are designed to deter and delay access to prohibited areas. Used across the globe for over a decade, Anti-Trespass Panels make it very difficult to walk across any area where they are deployed. They are a unique choice when used in conjunction with the ARX Fence system or Mobile gate Security to discourage fence jumping and gate entry trespassing. 

ARX Guard Tower Stack, USA
Our own custom-designed modular guard tower system offers a unique and rapidly deployable surface mount guard tower that can be increased in height in 10’ (3m) increments. A base unit with one riser would place your foot height at 10’ (3m), 2 risers 20’ (6m). Our units offer 360 degrees of view and can be fitted with exterior lighting as per specification for your deployment. Guard units can also be placed at ground level to act as a traditional guard shack. All units are prewired for power and piped for data pulls. All units are insulated with HCAC and have 120V power on all 4 walls of the unit.