Governmental, Military, & Police

Whether the DHS / Federal Protective Service needs a protective perimeter for a building or the US Armed Services need a mobile checkpoint deployed in a forward area of operation.

ARX Perimeters has multiple options of equipment to fit specific needs such as DHS / Federal Protective Service requiring a protective perimeter for a building or the US Armed Services requiring a mobile checkpoint to be deployed in a forward area of operation. Equipment is scalable to mitigate different threat levels and ready to be quickly deployed and recovered when and where needed.   

Federal, State and County agencies, as well as Military branches, can benefit from equipment that ARX offers both for Rental and Sale. From a local Sheriff’s office doing a repair on an external fence line at a correctional facility to a checkpoint in a forward operating area in a foreign country, ARX has the equipment to help fill a unique niche for the needs of many governmental agencies. If DSS (Diplomatic Security Service) requires a Mobile Vehicle Barrier to secure an entrance to a compound ARX stands ready for deployment anywhere. When the Secret Service needs to secure the perimeter of a site, ARX stands ready to help. Our particular blend of specialized equipment is the widest array of rental equipment available today to service the specialized needs of protecting troops and occupants of federal, state and local facilities as well as the facilities themselves. Arx has an exclusive US partnership with Rosehill Security bringing surface mount Mobile Vehicle Barriers and Ballistic Blocks for shoot houses and training ranges to the US market for the first time. This is a truly portable surface mount crash and ballistic rated range of products.  

ARX Perimeter Fence System, USA & UK
Our patent-pending 8’ or 12’ tall ARX fence system is the most secure option in a temporary fence today. Numerous options to increase levels of security to your desired level of protection make it a great choice for securing the perimeter of your protected site. The optional 130 mph wind rated version is the only temporary fence in the market to achieve that level of wind resistance. Additionally, optional catwalks at 4’ or 8’ offer an elevated observation position to identify potential threats. When catwalks are used in conjunction with liquid attack panels or Ballistic Blocks or Steel Ballistic Protective Panels you have an ideal tool in your arsenal to maintain a secure perimeter. 

Vehicle Barriers

Portable Vehicle Barriers 
MP5000, Delta Scientific, USA
Our MP5000 surface mount barriers are hydraulically operated and provide a controlled 16’ (4.9m) clear opening, allowing in and out access of vehicles to your secure site. These can also be towed into position for quick deployment and recovery. 

Portable Bollards
TB100 Portable Bollards, Delta Scientific, USA
These temporary portable bollards are subtle in appearance yet robust in performance. They can be deployed individually or in an array to form an effective VSB (Vehicle Security Barrier). Perfect in situations where pedestrian-friendly options must be considered and extreme security must work in tandem.

Vehicle Security Perimeter Barriers, with and without a fence
Impakt Defender, Rosehill Security, UK
This surface mount-static barrier offers vehicular protection similar to K-Rail for sites exposed to vehicular traffic. These 39” (1m) sections can be fitted with 8’ (2.4m) fence topping to provide human and vehicular protection.