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The sheer size and scope of events like Glastonbury, Lallapalooza, and the Super Bowl Experience make crowd management a challenge. Keeping the "fence jumpers" and other threats, both human and vehicular (VAAW) out of your event are of paramount importance. Rent our high-security fence or mobile vehicle barrier available nationwide.

The sheer size and scope of events like Glastonbury®, Lollapalooza® and championship / All-Star sporting events, along with the related auxiliary “Fan” events make crowd protection and management a challenge. Keeping the “fence jumpers” and other threats, both human and vehicular VAAW (Vehicle As A Weapon) out of your event are of paramount importance. With major events taking a proactive approach to the planning of HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation), local and municipal events are taking the potential threat of an accidental incident or intentional attack very seriously as well. ARX Perimeters is the leading US supplier specializing in the rental of crash rated VSB (Vehicle Security Barriers) that are portable/mobile, surface mounted and designed for rapid deployment and recovery for temporary or semi-permanent needs. When these VSB are used in conjunction with the ARX High-Security Fence System, a very high-security perimeter can be established and maintained during your entire event duration. Keeping unknown threats and un-paid patrons out of your event site matters. ARX has equipment solutions for both threat mitigation and event revenue protection.

Here are some of our solutions that can help keep your events safe from both human and vehicular threats. 

Portable Vehicle Barriers

MP5000, Delta Scientific, USA
Our MP5000 surface mount barriers are hydraulically operated and provide a controlled 16’ (4.9m) clear opening, allowing in and out access of vehicles to the event site.  Crash Rating: M40

Vehicle Security Perimeter Barriers

Impakt Defender, Rosehill Security, UK
This surface mount-static barrier offers vehicular protection. Ballistically rated to .50 Cal

Rapid Defender, Rosehill Security, UK
A static surface mount barrier that is quickly deployed and recovered without the need for equipment. A pedestrian and/or vehicle portal can be incorporated for controlled easy site access. 

TB100 Portable Bollards, Delta Scientific, USA
These temporary portable bollards are subtle in appearance, yet robust in performance. They can be deployed individually or in an array to form an effective VSB (Vehicle Security Barrier). Perfect in situations where pedestrian-friendly options must be considered. 

ARX Perimeter Fence System, USA & UK
Our patent-pending 8’ or 12’ tall ARX fence system is the most secure option in a temporary fence today. The numerous options to increase the levels of security to your desired level of protection make it a great choice for securing the perimeter of your event site. The optional 130 mph wind rated version is the only temporary fence in the market to achieve that level of wind resistance. Crash Rating: None 

Mobile Gate Security, Denmark
The Mobile Gate Security 26’ (8m) gate is deployed from a 40’ container and is a secure sliding gate to complete your perimeter and control access to the event site. This system can be tied into our ARX fence system or an existing fence line quickly and easily. This sliding gate is both quickly deployed and quickly recovered, all while providing the security level of a permanent gate. Crash Rating: None (use in conjunction with our MP5000 Vehicle barrier to achieving an M40 rating)

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